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our pullers work! 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

JackJaw Stake Pullers Save Backs and Stakes

The patented jaw and lever mechanism allows you to pull concrete stakes, sign posts, fence posts, T fence posts, rods and more straight up out of the ground or sub-grade without bending them, keeping your expensive stakes straight for hundreds of repeated uses.

Pulling stakes or posts straight up is easier, because the JackJaw® stake puller eliminates side loading, and the resulting strain on the operator's back. Using the JackJaw® stake puller is safer than using a hammer and striking the metal stakes or posts to loosen them. And, is much less expensive than using two guys and a bobcat to pull tent stakes and signposts.

Made To Last

The gripping jaws of the JackJaw® stake and post pullers are made from case hardened AR400 steel that will last for thousands of pulls. When it is necessary, they are easily replaced in the field using common tools to install the new jaws. Order jaw kit CA0010 for single bladed link arm models, or jaw kit CA0006 for clevis link arm models.

JackJaw® extractors are made from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing to withstand everyday job site use. Two holes in the 4" by 8" base plate allow you to attach it to a board for an even wider base for working in soft conditions. No paint to chip. JackJaw® pullers have zinc with clear chromate plating for lasting durability and corrosion resistance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

We know that you will love your JackJaw® puller, so we can offer you a money back guarantee. Simply call us at 937-429-9089 within 15 days of receiving your JackJaw® puller to request a RA#, and then ship your unit back in it's original box. We will credit your credit card for the cost of the unit when it is received.

Mechanical Advantage

JackJaw® stake pullers provide the mechanical advantage needed to get the job done with no back strain. A 100(lb) push down on the handle generates:

JackJaw® Series Mechanical Advantage Gripping Force (lbf) Upward Force (lbf)
100 9 to 1 1800 900
200 9 to 1 1800 900
300 16 to 1 3200 1600
400 Ext Handle 16 to 1 3200 1600
500 Ext Handle 28 to 1 5600 2800